Saturday, November 22, 2008


Wednesday the 24th  I woke up eager to get to my appointment today with Greene-Chandos at Forsythe Neurology and took the 1:15 minute drive in stride with the help of my wife and family. Once at the office (20min early) I signed in to get the paperwork and get things rolling only to find......the doctor is not in the office. An emergency the day before cancelled all her appointments on Wednesday. When does a guy catch a break with all this? Why wasn't I called you ask, because they never got ANY records forwarded to them and "apparently" my wife never left a number or any contact information. Being that she spoke with them the day I started my Solu-Medrol, from the hospital I guess that's possible but highly unlikely. After some discussion, since I was there I did all the paperwork, copied my records, gave them my MRI CD and then I got lucky, they had a cancellation for the next day at 11am while I was standing there.  
Thursday the 25th  
Back at the doctors, weigh in, blood pressure etc. More waiting after that in the examination room where all the nerves, emotions creep back in. I passed the time checking my bad eye on the eye exam chart. Back to 20/15, line 9 at 15 feet. Waiting is the WORST part of all of this. Finally the doctor comes in and we go through all my history, then the family illnesses etc, etc. Now one of the big ones for me to discuss was the Atlas Orthogonist. 10 years ago I had 3 fingers (pinky in) on my right hand go numb, it then spread to my other hand to the same place. Long story short after a brief medical doctor tour my mother suggested seeing an Atlas Orthogonist (less than 200 in the US). After my first adjustment it took 2 weeks for numbness to dissipate. I have been going since then 3 to 4 times a year. If my hands act up in between I go and I have instant (seconds) relief of any problems. Greene says this issue sounds like a cervical issue and to keep going. I will have Dr. Meehan (Atlas doc) conference with her and she is open to working with others. Great news for me. Next up the neurological tests which I passed with flying colors. Minor eye exam was next and she was very surprised at how fast things had come back so far. Good news up to this point everything is great (I was really liking the doctor and how she was handling everything so far). She then excused herself to go read my MRI. Here we go...more waiting.

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