Monday, September 12, 2011

Reflections 7 months post CCSVI.

Chill'n Monkey.

WOW! 7 months since my surgery, my how time goes by. I remember the trip to NY like it was yesterday. I remember all the worries, the crazy ideas that kept running through my head. Was this the thing to do, is it really safe, what if this does nothing, what if this makes be worse, what if I become a burden on my wife and family…what if…..

Here I sit Monday September 12th after the 10 year anniversary of Sept 11th in reflection. I wake up, I think of Anne, I think of work, I think of my family, what's the weather? I get up let the dogs out, feed them, wrestle around a bit. Turn on the coffee machine, hmm…walking this am?…plug the iPhone in to charge, and pour myself a cup of coffee. Before I head off on my 5 mile walk I sit down to read over my Facebook…..wait a minute…..not one thought..nothing…. As I read through my Facebook, blogs and check the forums I frequent MS comes up, I have thoughts, feelings, comments and give some some feedback but things have changed….my how things have changed.

7 Months ago everyday I would wake up and the first thing I would do is look at the ceiling fan as I woke up to see how my eye was acting that am. Any blind spots? How is the Optic neuritis vision today? Next a self check of my body…what hurts..anything sore….how is my energy? OK sit up and get your bearings and try to get moving….ughh….did I even sleep doesn't feel like it. Then my thoughts would turn to Anne and trying to remember what I have to get done for the day? I better get it done early as I might not make it to lunch....stand we go..

I know I have told everyone within my reach to please look into CCSVI, your diet, what your nutritional balance is. Look at your vitamin D levels and your B12 get those levels where they belong. But truth be told my CCSVI surgery has not only changed my life with MS but dare I say a rarely think of MS when it comes to me. In truth, I don't think I have in months. Now don't think for one second I don't remember it all or the burdens that I had. I am free of the fatigue, the cognitive issues, the heat,  and the rest of "that" list.... all that matters is it's GONE! I have my occasional eye flare up but I was noticing just Friday that I believe my vision has even taken another step for the better. 

Please for your sake get tested. Take a hard look in the mirror, your life might be the next one to change.