Monday, February 11, 2013


2 years ago was the second time in my life where the disease Multiple Sclerosis changed everything I am. 2 years ago I went up to Albany N.Y., saw Dr. Siskin (best ever) and had my CCSVI procedure. This adventure into the unknown on February of 2011 gave me my life back.

I recently went back and read over all the things I had written the days and nights before my procedure. In reading things over I remember how bad my life was. How tough it must have been on my wife Anne, my friends and family every single day of my life. 

Prior to my procedure I awoke each day to my daily self checks. What is happening in my body today? What will I be able to do? I would go over each symptom. #1 fatigue, how tired am I (before I get out of bed, if you missed this please read SPOONS)? #2 heat intolerance, is it going to be hot today and whats the A/C in the house set at? #3 cognitive issues, how clear can I think. Can I speak well without searching for that one word to complete a simple sentence? I remember my brain sometimes stopping for a couple seconds here and there with nothing. How is my optic neuritis, how well can I see out of my left eye today? Any soreness, cramping, numbness, shooting pains etc. etc.? Everyday, man it's been two years and I can remember it all like it was just yesterday.

I then read over the my blog post right after my procedure. 

I sit here now writing this, free of all of it except my optic neuritis. We soon decided to move after my procedure to a home in TN. We found 6 acres right outside the Big South Fork state park (thanks Lindsey & Rick). It has everything we have always wanted, a great house, a garage with a workshop, a 4 stall aisle barn and quick access to miles and miles of trails for riding. All of this I am able to keep up with now. We even decided to handle the move ourselves. I packed, I drove, I unpacked, I ran the new fencing for the horses and I helped get the 6 acres in shape after we got there. I would have never been able to move here 2 years ago.  2 years ago I was only good for 3-4 hours each day at about 75%. Forget about horseback riding for 3-4 hours at a clip.

The last two years have been the best years in total I think I have ever had. Truly amazing how your life can change on a dime. Don't settle for being sick, fight on and keep searching you never know what might be right around the corner.

I have quite a few thanks to give for the last 4 and half years since my diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. First and for-most to my wife Anne. Without her I wouldn't be even close  to where I am today. MS has been such a challenge for us and she has never even blinked. There are not enough words to express my thoughts. Thank you. 

Thanks to my friends, family, and everyone that has helped me over the years on my journey with MS. 

Thank you for all the great doctors I have had along the way.  Dr.Diana Greene-Chandos, Dr. Michael Meehan, Dr. Abbas Qutab, Dr. Gary Siskin thank you all!

I have one special thanks to all my fellow MS'rs. Thank you for sharing your lives. Thank you for your personal and often times inspirational stories. Thank you for sharing your most inner thoughts and ideas about your life with MS. Don't ever stop! 

My final thank you is for all those that supported and aided me in getting tested and treated for CCSVI! 

Please if you haven't been tested for CCSVI do so. It could change your life!

PS: If anyone missed my CCSVI procedure day write up ( I still get questions about its here