Monday, May 16, 2011

The UGLY part of my CCSVI procedure

Canyon we think about you everyday.

The time is flying by these days. I continue to see the same improvements as I did. I knock on wood everyday. It's funny how you just move on and don't look back until something or someone reigns you in to take a look. I have to admit the "are you sure you should be doing this comments"  or my personal favorite "do you release what you just did, 6 months ago there is no way" are good to hear. All is good with my MS and its effect on my life, which would be VERY little!!!!!!!

I thought I would take this opportunity to again thank everyone again for their HUGE generosity and donations. I don't think I can say this enough or in big enough words. 

The worse part of the procedure is now staring me in the face. The bills. I wanted to include a basic breakdown of all the costs to me and what my insurance did or did not cover. A lot of people have been asking me, so here it is. I do find it amazing how much money can be spent in a 4-6 hour span when it comes to the medical field. If anyone is interested in what a particular thing cost please get in touch with me and I will give you the figure.

Angioplasty procedure. ultrasound follow up etc.
Billed: $2372.00 
Insurance: $636.30
Total bill to me: $1,735.70

Hospital (procedure done at Albany Medical Center):
X-rays, Venogram, Angioplasty, drugs etc.
Billed: $20,313.82 
Insurance: $10,698.05
Total bill to me: $9,615.00

Entire Costs:
Billed: 22,685.82
Insurance: $11,334.35
Total bill to me: $11,350.70

I will have another update soon, keep the emails and messages coming it's great to hear from everyone.