Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April already

April already…seems like yesterday I went up to N.Y. to be treated. Guess that makes it 54 days since my surgery.  As you can probably tell by the fact I haven't posted I have been keeping busy.

Life is outside now as much as I(we) can get. Walking, hiking, horses, yard work and even cutting down, splitting and stacking of some trees. I have also spent some time at the barn doing repairs. All-in-all doing everything I haven't been doing for the last few years. Time to catch up on my life.

It's funny as I go along with my journey I don't realize all the changes that have happened me. Everyday is, well as I see it and how I think on that day. in the beginning after my surgery I was still in the mind set, be careful don't do to much, are you sure you can do this, whats going to happen to me and how many days will it take me to recover.  I no longer get stuck with any of that. My limits are physical now.  I just do things and move to the next. The only time things hit me is when I hear my wife talking to a friend about what I am doing or telling me "hey do you realize what you are saying and doing?". It really is incredible, to say things for my wife and I have changed is an understatement.

I recently got all the paperwork from my surgery. All the specifics and statistics. I will being doing a post on that soon so I will keep this one short.

Bottom-line I am doing GREAT. I continue to be where I was no changes, no reverting, just the same and just the same is awesome.

Please any of you who haven't been tested for CCSVI please do so. Get treated. 

More soon. 
Best to everyone.