Thursday, October 17, 2013

Am thoughts

Am thoughts

Here I sit 4:30 am awakened to thoughts about my MS, my life, Anne, family and my future. It's been 2 years and 8 months since my CCSVI surgery. This period may be the best in my entire life. Free of symptoms and back into the world.

About two weeks ago I appear to have started to have some "issues" creep back into my life with MS. Why, the cause, another surgery, not again, is it all coming back, all thoughts racing around in my mind as I drink my coffee.

Yesterday Anne and I decided it was best to head back into doctor land and see what they have to say. First up, a follow up with an interventional radiologist. In order to do that I have to see a neuro first. To do that we need a referral etc. etc. So a new chapter begins. Where it all goes we will soon see. I will keep you updated as we go.

My am rant.

I have to say that I have completely lost my patience with people who are sick with something serious and choose to live in it. They drink, they smoke, they complain, they swim in it affecting everyone in their lives. Do they realize that? You know the people that could change something, do something and be better. The ones that seem to let pride, a closed mind and general stupidity stand in their way.

Hell, I use to be that guy. Guess what with the help of my awesome wife Anne I learned something. You know what I learned? Get off your ass. Learn, educate yourself on all options (outside your bubble) whatever they are. Grow, have an open mind, change the person you are. Don't live in it, don't be prideful, don't complain about it and don't support it. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!