Wednesday, February 8, 2012

One year Post

Well here I sit almost one year to the day of my CCSVI surgery, fresh after a great birthday day with my wife. Horseback riding, hiking and enjoying the outdoors at our new home in Tennessee. Who would have thought this could be possible (even moving myself... WHAT?). What an awesome year!

In January of 2010 I got the call from the doctors. February 11th, 2011 my life would change yet again. This time for the better in ways I could never have imagined. Coincidently this came almost directly after being turned down to participate in the CCSVI trials in upstate NY. Things work out the way they do for a reason, somewhere somebody has a plan.

With the great support of my wife family and all my friends, off I went to Albany. The trip was a true life changer. Spending time with Mark and Pat, sorting through the changes was so cool. I remember the tooth brush incident like it was yesterday. If you missed my posts or wanted to read things again I am including the links here.  CCSVI Treatment Day  After....!!!!!!! Day 2  Quick update Plugged In! If you want to read more in-depth about my year there is a "Blog Achieve" on the right, just scroll down.

After my return, the journey back with my beat up body began, getting things back in shape and getting my body to match what I had in my head. No fog, clear thought, no fatigue…time to get my life back. My body would take more time but after 3+ years of doing absolutely nothing, it was to be expected. Walking, hiking, horseback riding, going to town wasn't a big deal anymore. I remember like it was yesterday, often calling my wife from town and saying I am coming back, I can't do anymore today (almost too out of it to drive home). I hated those days and I will never forget them (I don't think Anne will either). 

The next big thing was nutrition. A few times I hadn't felt up to snuff, not tired or fatigued just off. Not healthy. After doing some research and talking to a few people I decided to go with an Isagenix program. I have lost over 30lbs and haven't felt better.  Anne has had great success as well. Getting my nutrition in order was obviously the next step I needed to take. I won't go on about Isagenix and how great it is but if anyone is interested let me know.

This year we went to Boston for Christmas and MS never even came up. There was no worry about fatigue, it was gone. In fact, no one even asked me how was I doing. I went out walking in the park with everyone, I wasn't dogass tired at the 9:30pm movie on Christmas Eve. I was normal, myself. Truly a great way to end the year... with family, on a holiday, with no worries. I still shake my head when I look back on this year… wow.

There are several people I have gotten to know this year because of MS and CCSVI. Those that have had surgery have had great changes and some have had less. Everyone reads different. I am proud of all of you who got involved and took charge of your MS. Trying everyday to move ahead into making things better. Don't sit back, beaten down by this terrible disease. Anyone who gets down, (been there) it's understandable and expected. It's the coming back, the fighting, the looking ahead and striving to make tomorrow a better day that matters. If CCSVI is not an option for you, keep fighting, keep looking. Rely on YOURSELF. Do your OWN research. Do not simply listen to one or two neuros about what you should do. Talk to others that have MS. Find out what others with MS have done to better their lives. Keep an open mind and fight. If anyone needs to talk, please contact me. I am always around.

To everyone involved in my life, my wife (BIG), family, friends and my Facebook family thank you for the great year and all the support. You all have been amazing and a big part of this great year. Thank you all.

P.S. If you haven't been tested for CCSVI, do it yesterday.