Saturday, February 12, 2011


Well, here I sit at 6:15 am the day after. To say I feel different would be an understatement. I am wide awake, fogless, and not running for coffee to try and wake up.

I will write up an entire recap of yesterday's procedure and how it all went for me. I remember everything from the treatment! It was a great day and things have definately changed for the better for me. I decided yesterday afternoon to wait until today to try and evaluate myself and what I am feeling. I didn't think yesterday with all that happened would be a fair comparison for me. I can tell you this I wasn't tired going our for dinner last night. Even after such a long day.

I feel great this am. Kinda bursting with energy. My thoughts are going a mile a minute.

In closing up this update. I urge EVERYONE I know and everyone that has MS to get tested today and get treated for CCSVI. It will be the best thing you have done to help yourself.

I have tons to talk about and tell you all, more soon.

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