Thursday, November 3, 2011

Helping others with MS.


I know I mentioned on FB what I would be writing about this time but I have changed things up a bit.

I have had a lot of things running through my mind these past few weeks. I have been contacted by a few people about MS/CCSVI recently. Every time I hear someones story, I reflect on things, my life, what's happened to me and prepare to write back. It always seems new to some extent, a bit different. Everyones journey with MS is different and so personal. What we hear, read, learn, share is amazingly different yet similar. It's very important for people who are new to MS to reach out to others who have gone through what they are now taking on. It's also important for those in the journey to help others. One person wrote to me "It gives us some hope that he can live a somewhat normal life." There is hope, a lot of it! I along with many others are better now then we were even prior to our MS. I can't stress this enough talk to people, help them, support them, teach them, but never judge them on their journey. Everyones choices about MS need to be respected.

So, here I am November 3rd 2011 coming up on my 9 month post op from CCSVI. My life has changed so much I can't even find the words. As some of you know I have been struggling lately (with my thoughts) over my MS diagnosis,  CCSVI and how it relates. Do I still have MS, did I really have MS, what's MS have in store for me in the future. That is going to one heck of a future blog entry. A short 9 months ago I would never be doing what I am today. My wife and I took a trip to Big South Fork two weeks ago (wouldn't have done this). Two hour horseback trail ride (years and yes my ass We had so a great time and loved the place so much we are picking up and moving out there as soon as we can. Life is to short to sit by and watch it. I have done enough of that. The really huge part of this is…..I am doing it..I am packing things up…I am planning….I am sorting through things that need to be done…I am doing it. Not watching, not trying to gather my thoughts, not fighting off aches and pains, not taking nap, not laying in bed…I am doing it. Awesome…… I will keep you all up-to-date as the move gets done...LOTS going on there.

In closing this quick update I wanted to pass this along. Everyone who contacts me asks similar things about CCSVI. When should I look at it, should I wait, whats the best time to get tested, am I sick enough, are these symptoms similar? The answer to all these questions is simple. If you are asking about it do it yesterday, waiting serves you no purpose. Find an Interventional Radiologists learn about CCSVI, get tested, and get treated. If you need help, information, or just want to talk please get in touch with me. I would be glad to answer any questions or get you any information I can. 

PS: I haven't forgotten. Once the move is over I am going to take on writing the "Do I still have MS?" update. It may be a long ramble but it will be coming, promise.

Best to everyone!