Wednesday, March 2, 2011

18 days CCSVI post op!

Thought it was about time for an update and a little comparison to the old Dave. A quick note if you click the title of this post you can see some videos and pics from my procedure. It has been a great couple a weeks to say the least. I have done things I haven't done in 3 to 4 years. An amazing change for me. So what has been going on and what have I been doing? I decided to take at easy and not do too much my first week back. Week two, however was a bit different. 

On Monday 2/21 I went horseback riding for the first time in 3 years. No ill effects what so ever MS-wise, but I did get a bit sore from being out of shape. It is so nice to have my mind keep on going and my body get tired. It's really hard to explain to people who don't have MS. Prior to surgery, cognitive issues, my eye (optic neuritis)  and terrible fatigue would all kick in prior to me get physically tired or sore. After riding I decided to give the jacuzzi a try. That's right, a HOT bath, salts, soak the works. Again, no ill effects! Nothing...

After a few days letting my body catch up, on 2/25 I was off on a 2 mile walk that I haven't been able to make in 3 years. 3 YEARS!!!! Surprisingly nothing at all bothered me, not even my body, everything kept up. No soreness no MS issues, just a great walk. I thought a lot about this walk over the next couple days. It wasn't strenuous and it didn't push me physically at all.

So, on Sunday 2/27 I decided to push it a little. I am feeling great, let's do it. Off we went to Cumberland Knob to hit the 2.5 mile strenuous hiking trail (4 YEARS). The hike was serious physical work for me. Rubber legs a little under halfway through. My cardio overall was good. My body however was feeling the hike big time. So I stopped when I needed to and did the entire trail. Again my head stayed clear, no tired eyed, no heat issues, no MS crept in, just the physical tiredness anyone would have. 

The very next day on 2/28 I was off again for a walk. After talking it over with Anne I thought it best to keep it short so we settled on a 1.5 mile walk. Off we went through the woods near our home without the dogs. I felt pretty good. My body was a bit sore and tight still from the long hike. Things loosened up and I was feeling great during the walk. So good in fact, when we came upon a creek to cross I decided to go up stream a bit and jump across. Now, some would say this was a typical man not using his head but hey….maybe so…:P  I launched off the side of the creek bank, landing fairly hard on the other side. It was bit of a drop down. Landed on my left foot, then the right… Ouch….a bit of a sting in my left heel and in my hand from grabbing the bank as I landed, but I made it! Didn't think much of my foot  and we went on and I did the entire walk with no problem. Well, so I thought… All you telling me not to do so much, gather round and say all at the same time: I told you so! As the day went on my heel started to hurt. I bruised my heel pretty bad and by the end of the night was hopping around the house like a champ. It's much better now but I have some soreness from making the jump… guess I am not 16 anymore.

In reflection on these two weeks, having been so inactive because of MS I need to pay attention and actually think before I go making another jump…lol. Overall it's really hard for me to judge my body, what it can and cannot take. How bad has this Dave chassis become? We are on a mission to get things back in shape. Sooner rather than later.

Much more to talk about but I need to wrap this up as it's getting long again. In closing I am going to do a comparison of my symptoms prior to surgery to right now today.

Was: 8, by far my worst symptom
Now: GONE! All my issues now seem to be physical, due to prolonged inactivity. My body just needs to catch up.

Now: Still feeling this one out! The jacuzzi tub and the long hike have been the only real tests, but so far I haven't seen anything bother me. I can't wait for the 80-90 degree weather to see what's going to happen. Did I really just say that?

Was: 5
Now: Gone. Several people have told me even the way I talk has changed. No pauses, I don't have to search for words. No brain shut downs.

Was: 3 It was always there, eye sight fluctuated, had been a 10
Now: 2 It's still there, but I appear to be gaining some depth back. Very slow progression. 

Was: 2 Hadn't been bad in a while
Now: No issues

Was: 4
Now: No issues, just normal physical tiredness from exercise

Was: 2 
Now: No issues

Was: 3 Hadn't had an issue in a while
Now: No issues