Monday, May 16, 2011

The UGLY part of my CCSVI procedure

Canyon we think about you everyday.

The time is flying by these days. I continue to see the same improvements as I did. I knock on wood everyday. It's funny how you just move on and don't look back until something or someone reigns you in to take a look. I have to admit the "are you sure you should be doing this comments"  or my personal favorite "do you release what you just did, 6 months ago there is no way" are good to hear. All is good with my MS and its effect on my life, which would be VERY little!!!!!!!

I thought I would take this opportunity to again thank everyone again for their HUGE generosity and donations. I don't think I can say this enough or in big enough words. 

The worse part of the procedure is now staring me in the face. The bills. I wanted to include a basic breakdown of all the costs to me and what my insurance did or did not cover. A lot of people have been asking me, so here it is. I do find it amazing how much money can be spent in a 4-6 hour span when it comes to the medical field. If anyone is interested in what a particular thing cost please get in touch with me and I will give you the figure.

Angioplasty procedure. ultrasound follow up etc.
Billed: $2372.00 
Insurance: $636.30
Total bill to me: $1,735.70

Hospital (procedure done at Albany Medical Center):
X-rays, Venogram, Angioplasty, drugs etc.
Billed: $20,313.82 
Insurance: $10,698.05
Total bill to me: $9,615.00

Entire Costs:
Billed: 22,685.82
Insurance: $11,334.35
Total bill to me: $11,350.70

I will have another update soon, keep the emails and messages coming it's great to hear from everyone. 


  1. hi. that is pretty remarkable. i'm 26, have MS and am considering seeing someone. can i ask you, do you ever worry about the balloon popping? i've heard of that happening (on youtube i've skimmed a couple blog about it). restenosis or something.

    also (and sorry to bombard with questions) do you think it was so expensive because of limitations w/your insurance plan (i have labor union coverage which is pretty stringent) or is it just because of the "experimental treatment" thing?? i know NYS offers via "Obama-care" 100% coverage for like 3 or 450/mo (NY Bridge Plan, and there is the HealthyNY plan).

    also, can i ask your opinion: do you think it might be to my benefit to seek out a vascular specialist to look into the procedure? (my neuro hasn't heard of liberation at all.)

    i've been without coverage for some time and adhering close as possible to the Swank Diet, which -- if you're not familiar -- also treats MS as a vascular disorder, limiting saturated fat in the diet to under 15g/day. don't know if it's at all noteworthy but haven't had a fullblown relapse in 4 years, after 2 in 2 years. i know that doesn't neceserilly mean anything given the disease is generally more aggresive at first, less so later while progressing.


    i have your blog on my homepage and read now and again-- i hope and pray all continues to go well for you, & thanks for your writing.


  2. Restenosis happens, all you can do is have it redone again. I would do it in a second. Regardless of costs. You can't put a price on your health.

    The ballon popping was never a worry. Angioplasty is done everyday and his hardly experimental as the nay sayers keeping repeating at nauseam. If you do your research you will find its VERY safe to have done.

    On the insurance it really is dictated on what you have for coverage. Some people have gotten 100% coverage. I wasn't so lucky...

    Neuro aren't very knowledgable on vascular stuff and most are fighting this tooth and nail. Get in touch with a Interventional radiologist. If you are in NY get in touch with Dr. Siskin in Albany NY.

    I have been swanking since 2008 and it has helped me a good deal. Staying on it even after treatment. I feel reborn....GO GET CHECKED. If you need more info let me know.

  3. If this treatment really had worked for you, then you wouldn't have waited 54 days before you posted your "Story".

    You are not doing yourself and others any favours with this type of thing.

  4. Bob, you might wanted to actually read my blog. I have posted my entire trip, surgery, posted the day of , the day after, etc etc.

    54 days.LMAO...seriously can you read?

    Blog archive. Its on the right if you missed it.

    The UGLY part of my CCSVI procedure

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    18 days CCSVI post op!

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  5. First time reading your work - where did you go for the venoplasty?

  6. Albany, I see. Why do much out of pocket?