Sunday, November 23, 2008



MRI results are what she referred to as classic. Classic cannot mean anything positive for me. The breakdown is 8 total lesions with one active (eye), the largest of which is 7mm. 3 of the lesions I have form the "classic" Dawson's Fingers. As you can imagine this all leads to MS being the 95% or better diagnosis. From all my research last night I don't find anything other than MS that creates the Dawson's Fingers (please correct me if I am wrong). I am in her mild classification of MS.
In her opinion with everything lined up, I have MS. We talked a bit more and went over the additional testing that is normally done. The spinal MRI, additional blood tests (Lyme, Lupus, etc.), and the lumbar puncture. At this point she tells me I don't have to have any of them if I don't want to as she that confident I have MS. All the time willing to do any tests I would want. After reading about Dawson's Fingers and reviewing everything I actually agree, not that I want it but it seems to all add up. I decided to go ahead with the spinal MRI and all the blood tests and skip the puncture at this point.
We then discussed all the medications (she wants me on something soon) and all the baggage that comes with them. I have done a lot of reading on the meds and I have to say I am not really comfortable with them and I am hoping I don't have to take any of them.
Big comes nutrition and Dr. Qutab. Here I learned a few things, Greene has had some alternative medicine training with Andrew Wiel and she agrees that a healthy diet is "better for the overall health" of the patient. While I don't think she is a Swank supporter as treatment, she seems willing to incorporate nutrition and Dr. Qutab into the picture and is willing to speak with him as well.
So to wrap up another long story (hope some of you like to read) I think I have the 3 doctors I am going to use to get me through what ever lies ahead of me and my family. My plan is to have my blood test today and MRI next week. After I have all the tests back I am going to forward them to everyone and ask them to contact each other to review the results. Then I will have to decide how I proceed with everything. Hopefully my mind stops spinning soon and I find my path.

next Qtab,more tests, and B12

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