Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Beginning!

Here is the beginning of my story. My blog will be updated not only with my story but resources and news to help everyone and anyone involved with MS.

I have always been active and in good health until August 30th 2008. I awoke that day to blurry left eye. It seemed liked I may have scratched it or had a film over a section of my eye. After a few days of flushing my eye out and trying to make myself more comfortable I decided it best to go to an opthamologist.

After the normal series of eye tests I was eager and leery to hear what was wrong with my eye. During the entire test the doctor said nothing. Upon completion he sat and wrote out his notes for what seemed like forever never saying a word. After I prodded him for some type of information this is what he said. "I can find nothing wrong structurally with your eye you have MS". Needless to say any type of "bedside manner" was out the window. Obviously I was extremely shocked, horrified, scared and all that comes with a statement like that from a practicing professional. After I gathered myself it was off to make arrangements for an MRI (make sure you have it done WITH contrast dye), Ultrasound (carotid artery) and blood tests.

After that one of my best friends needed to be told of the news (he drove me to my appointment). Once I was done talking with him the really hard emotional call went to my wife. How the hell can a doctor tell a patient he had MS WITHOUT ANY TEST? I was full of emotions..... Lucky for me I have a spectacular wife and she has helped me through the rest of this story day by day.

next up...the doctors, medications, and

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