Thursday, November 20, 2008


Next up was a consultation with my family doctor who basically agreed I needed to have the test and to move ahead as fast as I can. The test were all on September 2nd. Blood test showed everything in good health, Ultrasound all good, MRI...well, not quite as good. Several lesions (no exact number was given to me) were found ranging in size and location. Then the eye, optic neuritis.
As soon as my results were given and everything read I was immediately requested by all to have a 3 day treatment of Solu-Medrol at the local hospital (10th-13th). Not one doctor told me what to expect of the drug or the side affects. The hospital visit was long, long and long. IV every 12 hours, 6 treatments in total. The worse part of the entire process started the day I left. The side effects and what I will call withdrawal of the drug. The next 7 days I was a sick as a dog, I couldn't sleep, dizzy, hot, IRRITABLE, sore, shooting pains in my joints etc. It seemed all the side effects you can get, I had.  
On September 16th I talked with Dr. Abbas Qutab of Élan Vítal Medical Center and Spa. I have used Dr. Qutab for dieting and nutritional needs for years prior to this and I would recommend him to anyone for anything if you like to look at the alternative side of medicine too. Qutab wants to wait on a strict diet until he gets some additional blood tests and the neurology reports but I need to go on the swank today. Main note was to follow up on the need to rule out lime disease, why haven't they?
I ordered the MS Diet book and got on the diet the day I received it.

next my recovery and the introduction of Neurology Specialists.

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  1. Dave, I think this is very powerful and helpful. Takes a lot of courage to put it out there.