Friday, November 21, 2008


Slowly at first my eye seemed to get better. On the 4th day out of the hospital it may a huge leap. As of Sept 23rd, day 10 my vision is totally clear of the film type issue and I have very little double vision. All the doctors have told me with this fast of recovery I can expect to be back to 100% eventually. No time period given of course, up to a year but looking more like a couple weeks after treatment.
My next step was to see neurologists. I was lucky enough to get in qiuckly to 2 of the top MS specialists in my area. The first was Dr. Jeffery the MS specialist at Wake Forest Baptist on September 22nd. I was really looking forward to getting things to the neurologist and making a plan for the days ahead. Using diet, exercise, and if need be down the road medication. Well to keep this part short the meeting went like this. 10 minutes long, the diagnosis came off the orignal test WITHOUT actually viewing the MRI, no ruling out Lyme, no further tests, diet has nothing to do with MS you could eat McDonalds for the rest of your life, no more atlas orthogonist adjustments, no exercise mentioned or aparrently needed. Take Betaseron every other day and don't concern yourself or do anything else and you will be just like you are now when you are 90. See you in 4-6 weeks, not what I or probably anyone wants to hear. I felt like I was on a conveyer-belt with a number stuck on my head.
Overall, even with all the doctor woes, I was pretty upbeat and had no doom and gloom thoughts. Swanking away and had my next neurologist appointment the next day with Dr. Greene-Chandos at Forsythe Neurology in Winston Salem NC. I trust things will go better this trip.
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  2. Though Dr. Jeffrey was the doctor who listened and gave me the diagnosis of MS, he is definitely a doctor who does not believe in any "alternative" medicine. I usually never discussed that with him - I knew better not to.