Monday, June 28, 2010

Clinical trial in Buffalo start 'Liberation Treatment'

I applaud the BNAC and their continuing efforts to get this done. It's great to see people stepping up and getting this work done in some kind of timely fashion!

Now on the other hand there is the US press. ZERO coverage of this. Other countries are reporting away on it. Unfortunately for us the pharmaceuticals run the US.

Researchers at the University at Buffalo are about to launch North America's first clinical trial to test the said...
iberation treatment," an experimental therapy designed to halt the symptoms of multiple sclerosis."

CMAJ Editor-in-Chief Dr. Paul Hebert and Deputy Editor Dr. Matthew Stanbrook note that several MPs in Ottawa have recently lobbied the federal government to invest in research into the controversial treatment. They note, as well, that patients have held well-publicized demonstrations, demanding access to the liberation procedure -- which they applaud.

Patients should insist on evidence. They should also insist on having their views represented when decisions about where to spend research dollars are made, said...

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