Wednesday, June 23, 2010

CCSVI Treatment update.

Just a quick note for those looking into the procedure and having it done. The "doctor/facility" I am involved with has just changed there process for bringing people in and scheduling them. Prior to this you called, got on a waiting list, the facility called (within 72 hours) did the preliminaries and then the doctor would call you 3 -4 weeks later to go over all the specifics and any questions. Since there had been a HUGE influx of calls up to 60-70 a day now. They have changed the procedures a bit. At the doctor call stage you will now get an email and the doctor will only contact you once you have a date for treatment.

There are several reasons for the change. The obvious is the huge amount of calls. The second is people taking up large amounts of time only to cancel out because they have found an alternate option for treatment. I am not sure why people would want to waste the doctors time like that but I can fully understand the doctor needing to prioritize things. I would expect him to adjust things to deal with the people he will actually be seeing.

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