Thursday, March 12, 2009

Part X.....a rebirth?

Well it has now been 60 days on the supplements. I have to tell you I feel reborn to some extent. My fatigue and overall feelings are almost back to what I remember as normal. My head is clear, most of the "cognitive" things I had going on have dwindled away. The only catch is when I miss sleep, stay up late or wear myself out physically. Sad to say at this point the physically part is way to easy to do but I will get there soon enough.

I have been keeping up on my journal for the most part throughout my 60 days. There were a few days in February that I missed as I was really sick. I decided to start color coding my days as well as writing a recap each day. Red for bad, orange for great days and nothing for the days I will call "symptomatic" . Meaning there is something there but it is minor. So here is the recap. 2 bad days, 20 great days, 20 symptomatic days. 9 of the last 11 have been great days! As you can see that does not equal 60. The missing days are the days I was down with the "bug", 18 in total. The great news on the bug is it did not cause any flair ups with my MS. During that time I stayed away from any immune based remedies. I just went through it sticking with the diet, my supps program. and sleep. How my wife can deal with me is beyond a mystery, I would be lost without her.

Now to the rebirth of sorts that I am feeling. My body is the part that has become the next step. It appears I have everything going where I want it and my lazy, confined body now needs to catch up. WELCOME back warm weather. Getting out, exercising, doing yard work, horseback riding and even walking long distances can now be a bit frustrating. I have been so locked in (literally and figuratively) with the winter and starting my road back I am not sure what my body being out of shape vs and MS symptom feels like anymore. Are the aches, soreness and being tired from exercise or not? It's a simple answer to solve. Get out and do it and see where it leads. I never thought stacking wood could feel so good. Being OUTSIDE and getting myself going is the next step and I can't wait to see where it goes.

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