Tuesday, March 3, 2009

MS Awareness Week March 2-8, 2009!

Please do something to help in the awareness week! Next year I will have an event or something for everyone to take part in but please don't let this year go buy. Get involved someplace and "Move It".

Some of the headlines out there this week!
A Week for Millions of People Impacted By MS to Move It and Come Together In Support of the MS Movement

MS Activists are Moving It to Improve Health Care for People with MS

Corporate partners Moving It to End MS

This is a watershed year in MS research with more than a dozen new therapies moving through the MS pipeline including the first two oral disease modifying drugs and the first symptom management drug that improves walking;

Exciting new research is also underway into Vitamin D and MS which is revealing an ever stronger tie between susceptibility to MS and reduced levels of Vitamin D;
Recent discoveries of new genes that make people susceptible to MS are providing clues to stopping and preventing the disease
The six Pediatric MS Centers established across the country offer the potential for finding the cause of MS by studying children with the disease, who could still harbor clues to what caused their MS because the environmental triggers may still be present.

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