Monday, January 19, 2009


I have been away from the blog for a bit and I apologize for not updating it sooner. A lot going on with the holidays, tests and the new program Dr. Qutab has put me on. It has been an interesting few weeks. Below I will break down what I am doing and how it's been, but I need to give you an update and a caution on B12.

As most of my readers know I was taking 8000 B12 a day and at my last blood test I was up to 800. My B12 was obviously extremely low originally. Here is the BIG REMINDER to everyone. MAKE SURE you TEST your levels often to keep up on EVERYTHING. My latest blood test for B12 was 1837! To say we were all shocked was an understatement. I have since stopped taking it and will default back to 2000 a week and see where my levels settle at. I will say this again, PLEASE - especially if you are doing things yourself - TEST your blood and see where your levels are before you do anything.

After all the tests, blood vials, pokes and prods, here is where I am at and what I am doing. My last blood tests showed the following:
DHEA at the low end acceptable
Candida at the low end acceptable
Serum carnitine at the low end acceptable
Vitamin D at the low end of acceptable
Vitamin B12 good at 800 (tested since WAY high at 1837)

What I am taking (yep it's alot):
Acetyl L Carnitine 6 capsules/day, B12 2000 1 tablet sublingual/week, Beta Plus 2 tablets per day (no gallbladder), Bio D Mulsion 6 drops/day, Bioctasol Forte 9 tablets/day, Bio Multi Plus 3 tablets/day, L Carnitine 4 capsules/day, My B Tabs 6 tablets sublingual/day, Nuclezyme Forte 9 capsules/day, Optimal EFA 6 capsules/day, Padma Basic 4 tablets/day, Phosphatidylserine 9 capsules/day, Zyrtec (allergies) 1 tablet/day There is a breakdown in previous posts of what each is and intended to help with.

After 14 days on my new system I have had a few days I have woken up and felt, dare I say, like my old self. I have been keeping a journal on everything from the first day. I have had 5 spectacular days (possibly 6 with today!) and one really bad day. The bad day I believe occurred because I was out in the cold for too long and it got me. The cold seems to seriously knock the crap out of me. I am eager to see where I am after 30 days. Things are seriously improving on the fatigue side for the most part. I am sure I will still have some days but there is no question I am getting better overall and that's all I can ask for.


  1. Hi Dave - great post & thanks for putting it all together. I want to investigate some of your treatment options as I thought I was reasonably well-informed but hadn't heard of most of them!


  2. Dave:
    I also like reading about alternative treatments. My Chiropractor wants me to try avonex ( Are you familur with this type of therapy?

  3. Avonex is another Interferon (CRAB drug) used to help people with their MS. I believe its still the LOWEST dose you can get. Interferon and a 1 in 3 odds of helping you and have some serious and not so serious side effects. Be careful in your research and make sure you find alternate resources than the drug companies and the medical field. They are not always as honest as we want them to be,

    Given all the information I decided from the beginning I would take the non-med route. If I can be of anymore help let me know.

  4. I was mistaken in the name. My Chriopractor wants me to try a form of Bee Therepy not Avonex. I have read articles about the treatment of MS with Bee therepy, just wondering if you had tried it or knew someone who had?

  5. Haven't looked into the Bee therapy all that much. I did read a bit about it in the book "Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Multiple Sclerosis " I did read on one of the forums I frequent that people have had success with it. Now if I can only track it down for you.

    What type of Chiro do you go to? I use an Atlas Orthogonist in Charlotte NC.