Monday, December 8, 2008

Part VII

Well it’s been a long time since my last update and not a lot has changed. The diet appears to be helping me and it is going very well. I had a great Thanksgiving Swank dinner! On the flip side I am struggling a bit with fatigue as well as the cold weather. It appears I am sensitive to the cold much like the heat. Makes it tough to stay motivated and get out there. It’s really hard to balance how you feel, how things really effect you, and what may or may not be over analyzation. Thankfully, I have a great wife to lean on. Anne helps me a lot along the way and keeps me focused.

I had a phone conference with Dr. Qutab after my last test and my meeting with Dr. Greene. He reccomended some new blood tests. Once these are done we may adjust my diet and take natural approaches to my fatigue issues. Any further nutritional changes for my treatment plans will come after this blood test and my next meetings.
The new blood tests were as follows:
Serum carnitine
Vitamin D
Vitamin B12 (follow up to see what the B12 I am taking is doing)

Some treatment options he mentioned that I am not currently doing are the following:

1. DHEA treatment
MS patients have been noted to have low DHEA levels. With treatment some have seen discernible improvement, in their quality of life, increased energy, better dexterity, greater limb strength, decreased numbness.

2. Anti-candida (anti-fungal) treatment with Nystatin or herbal alternative

3. L-carnitine
Deficiency of carnitine may contribute to fatigue by reducing energy production through fatty acid oxidation.

4. Histamine therapy
Being researched by Dr. Jonathan Wright. They are uncontrolled studies but are proving effective.

5. AMP (adenosine monophosphate) IM injections, 20-100 mg, 3 times per week for 6 months to 1 year
Alternately, it can be given sublingually, although the research is being done with injections.

6. Chinese herbal formulas

After my meeting with Qutab, it was back to Dr Greene to discuss everything and formulate what the neurological approach is going to be. I again passed all neurological testing and my eye is probably about 90%-95%. Dr. Greene agreed with the blood tests and I have had them (still waiting on results). I took her advice and did get a flu shot. After we went through all the meds and what Dr. Greene reccomends, I have decided the following: No medications at this time, MRI scheduled 6 months out (progress check), call in with ANY new symptoms or any questions. I will exercise, follow the diet, decrease any stress and take the natural approach for 6 months. At 6 months we will have the MRI and see where things are.

Another update soon.

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