Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January 2014 New year!

First happy new year to everyone!!

I have officially started the doctor change over to TN from NC. Met with a new neuro on the 30th. His name is Dr. Trudell in Knoxville. I have to say he seems like a real good guy with a great sense of humor. Good listener, open discussions (on anything). Definitely NOT a number here are your meds type that we MS’rs are all to familiar with. 

My goal is to get back to an interventional radiologist to have a follow up ultrasound and see where I am at with my CCSVI surgery. 3 year anniversary coming up in February! In TN anyway it is the ladder method for docs. Referral here to see A, to get a referral over to B etc. etc. Why people can’t just go to who they want is beyond me. All in all Dr. Trudell is very cool guy. Even brought up LDN which almost made me fall of the table. Last time I was looking at LDNs it was an underground movement…lol. Marijuana came up too but I am not sure exactly his take on it. It’s not available medically in TN yet anyway. 

So MRI on the 16th. With and without contrast as always. It appears 1:45 minutes in the tube with my hannibal head gear! Once that is complete I will move to the IR, ultrasound and probably have a blood panel pulled along with my B and D to see where my levels are. It’s been about 5 years so I guess it’s about time (you all know how I love doctors).

Forgot to mention the pain side of things. Appears my "issues" is what they call a sensory flare up. Pain meds as needed and wait for it to subside. As with these type of things no idea on how long it will be until its gone or if it will ever completely go away. It amazes me on how little "they" actually know or can do in this day and age.He is thinking it may have a spinal tie in of some sort. I did have one lesion in my spine so it’s possible it has gone active and is causing it. Will know more with the MRI. 

The reemergence of the MRIs and testing have brought up all those thoughts again. Do I(you) want to know how many lesions there are, whats active, or the locations? Sorting through what could go wrong based on their locations. Being that there is really nothing anyone can do, I kind of think hell no. I did however decide to get the test. So I think I will go with do I have more? Any active? What is the active(s) possibly doing to me and leave the rest alone. 

Perhaps I now have less and none are active. That would be awesome news!

More soon. Sorry, I took so long to update you all.


  1. Anne had messaged me a little about all of this. Keep us informed. You are in our thoughts.~K

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  3. This blog like other blog sites where anybody can post comments, can end up like . It may be a good idea Dave to remove this

  4. It's quite sad that instead of telling people the truth that ccsvi doesn't work and didn't work for him, Dave just removes posting which tell people the truth. All that says a lot about him