Friday, September 13, 2013

Swank Supplement Packs

Well its been a while since I posted an update on how things are for me. Overall still doing very well. I will be posting a complete summer recap soon.

I did want to pass along this great product I ran across today. Not sure how I missed it earlier on. For anyone who takes supplements on a regular basis for their MS you need to look at these. Especially if you are a Swank diet follower!

SWANK DAILY AM/PM SUPPLEMENT PACKS, developed by two of Seattle’s leading naturopathic doctors focused on multiple sclerosis, contain all the essential nutritional components for those diagnosed with MS. Based on recent research, these twice-a-day packs can help to support the immune system and improve neurological function.

Each AM packet contains: Two multivitamins to improve overall immunity, B complex with metafolin to help with mitochondrial function and improve neurotransmitter production and last, an extremely high quality EPA fish oil capsule with the added benefit of vitamin D.

Each PM packet contains: Two additional multivitamins and a multi-strain probiotic to support the immune system and reduce autoimmune disease.

They can be ordered here. Enter the password SIMPHARMACY. Then click on the Swank Products Tab.


  1. Hi, I'm about t start the isagenix products and was wondering if you are still taking them or not and if you are not would love to know why? I see that you have this Swank products link so I was wondering if you take both or ????

    Would love to know because my ms has changed to a progressive stage and I'm looking to do and take whatever but there are so many products that I don't know which way to go !!

    Thank you for your time :) !!

  2. Unistem Biosciences offer stem-cell therapy for multiple sclerosis. Find out everything you need to know about multiple sclerosis stem cell therapy.

  3. @ $80.00 a month, this stuff better be all it's cracked up to be.

  4. On another note, physical activity, not extra amino acids (protein), builds muscle. For more on nutrition for athletes and ergogenic aids.anvarol