Monday, May 7, 2012

My Book

Wanted to post a quick update to everyone as I haven't pasted in quite some time. I have been taking a break from writing online for the most part as I have started writing a book. The book is becoming a great experience. It was a little work getting educated on it all but now that I am organzied its flowing rather well. Thanks to those of you that have helped me get started. I plan on posting a paragraph or two from chapters as I finalize parts. A primer for those interested in the book :). So keep your eyes peeled in the weeks to come.

On the MS front all is going well. I have been walking a bit again to get myself back in shape from the down time after the move to Tennessee. We really took some time off after the move and have been concentrating on the new house and our work. I will point out thought that Anne and I have made sure to be riding fools here in the Big South Fork. 

Speaking of the BSF and MS I am also working on putting together an annual MS/CCSVI walk an ride for this October. Once I get things nailed down a bit I will have a post on everything involved so you can all come join us and help raise some money for research and get things moving forward on CCSVI!

Wish everyone the best as they get their spring and summer going. More soon!


  1. People know how 'effective' CCSVI has been for you, and far from doing yourself any favors by coming up with this rubbish, many are angry that you are telling people to take up treatment that just didn't work for you.
    Don't encourage people to take up useless expensive treatmen, treatment that you KNOW doesn't work

    1. Isagenix reviews is a nutritional cleansing program and not a diet. By removing toxins and impurities from the body and supplying the body with the optimum level of nutrients, people using Isagenix products have experienced weight loss, increased energy, better digestion and improved overall health. Results of course will vary and will depend on your current health and other variables.

  2. This all seems to be getting ugly now, but this is t he net...

  3. Your lack of name, comments and intentions are clear. If you don't believe what I write and don't believe in CCSVi perhaps it would be best to read another blog. Trolling blogs is a poor use of time....

  4. Researchers believe that, in some people, MS may result from a combination of both their genetic risk and factors in their environment or lifestyle. Science has yet to pin this down, however, and the exact way that the disease develops is still not known.

  5. My first visit to your blog
    I also suffer from PPMS and find the Paleo diet to be a big lifesaver
    Glad to hear you are pro active in combating this dreadfull desease

    Dr Terry Wahls paleo diet is worth more looking in to and it got her from a wheelchair to walking rounds in a general hospital