Monday, November 22, 2010

T-Minus 5 days

Well 5 days until I am off to N.Y. Getting things ready as I write this. We are driving up this time. Being that I am not sure how I will be on such a long trip we are leaving plenty of time. Have to be up there Monday, get a good nights sleep and it all starts on Tuesday.

Tuesday     11/30
8:15 am  Research Consent 
8:50 am   Ultrasound
9:30 am   Appointment Dr. Siskin

Wednesday     12/1
 8:45 am  Appointment (neurology)

From there I would guess we schedule the date for the venogram and the treatment (real or not).

Starting sometime on Saturday I will keep a running report and will touch base as often as I can keeping you all up to date with news, pictures, and what ever else may come up.

Thanks again for all the support and well wishes along the way. It means a lot. we go!

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