Tuesday, August 17, 2010

CCSVI Touching Base

Well its August 17th, two months since my initial phone call to the "clinic". I still haven't heard anything from them. I have been keeping up on others making first contact, getting scheduled and having the treatment. It appears the line has gotten very LONG. On a bothersome note it also appears I may be waiting longer than I anticipated but no one really knows (UGHHHH). Waiting and not knowing is a real killer.

As far as my MS goes the summer has taken its toll on me. My heat and fatigue issues are what I will rate a 8 out of 10. Definitely the worst they have ever been. I have very limited energy these days and NO heat tolerance at all. 15-20 minutes in the heat and I am done. Everyday seems like a test these days.......can be a bit frustrating.

On the medical side of my life I am off to see my Atlas Orthogonist tomorrow (awesome) and I am going for my 6 month to my neuro next week. In addition blood will be taken this week so they can test all my levels.

The fund raising is moving ahead and I can't thank everyone enough that has gotten involved. Keep an eye out for information on the Sedona, AZ hotel auction. It will be going up very soon! It will be very similar to the NYC one but 4 days!

More soon keep the emails coming everyone its great to hear from everyone.


  1. Hey Dave:

    My aunt has had MS for well over 20 years now and she can hardly walk but refuses to go on a wheelchair... I started her on a supplementation of Omega3's (Dr. Sears Zone OmegaRx specifially) and she says it helps her alot with the pain and joint tolerance... You should look into it (If you haven't already) doesn't hurt to try... :-)
    Wish you the best and God Bless!

  2. Dave,
    Is a Atlas Orthogonist a special chriopractor? i think i remember reading about that somwhere.

  3. Yvette I am a big fan of supplements. If you look at the the first few posts on my blog you will see al that I do. I am also a big fan of the Swank MS Diet. It limits your fat intake both saturated and unsaturated.

    Jeff check out http://www.meehanchiropracticandwellness.com