Saturday, September 19, 2009


Annual MS appointments.

Well it has been one year since my onset of Optic Neuritis. One year since my eye doctor turned to me and said there is nothing structurally wrong with your eye, you have MS. Seems like lights year now with all that I have learned, dealt with and continue to fight through. The emotions, the fear, the anger, the empty feelings of being lost and everything else that comes with the introduction to MS into our lives.

Well good news I am in better shape than I was a year ago at his time. Looking back in my journal I have had 19 bad days and 55 great days since January 2009. The rest I would refer to as average days. After my checkups with everyone I can report no change in my MRI. Neuro exam went very well except for some minor loss of feeling in my big toes (common in us MS'rs). Again it was very minor and I still have feeling there. The blood tests where all very positive, almost all my levels are up exactly or better than where they need to be. My Vitamin D went up from a 19.2 to a 66.5 over the year! With the new interval scale starting the 21st (10.0-75.0) I am right on target. My B12 is in good shape. The supplement plan is really helping me. The only flags that came up are my white blood count levels and my overall platelet levels. Both are down below the norm. I have added Intenzyme Forte, Amino Sport and Folic Acid to my supplement plan to aid my in my areas of concern.

I continue on my supplements regime and have made a few adjustment as of this month. I still have a bit of ON hanging on in my eye. It seemingly comes and goes. The fatigue and cognitive issues are better but they can still creep up and bight me if I am not smart. Some new things that have come up over the year are my legs, some aches, tiredness, asleep feeling and some pain. I am still sorting out my leg issues and have not 100% decided that my MS is the primary cause. The biggest thing by far I am dealing with right now is all mental.

All the exams where great, I am doing very well. No change in my MRI! Why the hell do I feel lost these days? I appear to have gotten myself into some type of mental rut. Each day I find plenty of things to do to keep my mind working and keep myself distracted. I have pushed off my MS. I rarely write in my journal, I no longer visit my forums, and most of all I no longer talk with the friends I have gained this past year. I am mentally lost it seems...stay busy.....ignore.....tomorrow......fog....

Time to break this cycle and get myself back on track. It starts with this update which is long past overdue.

To my wife Anne, my friends and all those I have spoken with this past year if I have neglected you, ignored you or disappeared on you, I apologize and I do better this coming year.

Things will change and it will start today!

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