Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Well it has been quite some time since I have posted. Has it really been two months? Wow, I guess have been busy with things more than I thought.

My MS is always there as I am sure it is with some of you. Everyday I wake up and analyze my body and mind to see where I am at for the day. I have a type of mental checklist to formulate what I feel I can and can't do for the day. I'm hoping not to become OVER cautious with what I do.

It's a real worry for me that I will shut myself down too much and do less out of fear (common I would think). I rely a lot on my wife for balance with this issue. Should I go out in the heat today, should I push through the tiredness I feel. Is that my MS or my normal body talking....? That pain or ache I have in my leg(s) is that from being out of shape, the walk I took or something else? I am sure anyone with MS could form a LONG list here, but you get the general idea.

Pushing yourself is a good thing but over doing or doing something stupid is another thing completely.

Anyway enough analyzation and on to what has been going on with me. First off I am coming up on the one year anniversary with MS in my life. It seems like light years since my blindness from optic neuritis, telling my wife I have MS, the hospital stay, telling my family, the doctors etc., etc. Eventually and with lots of help and eduction I did find my way.

To recap here is what I am doing right now. In addition to the Swank Diet I have cut out processed sugar and all dairy. Continuing on with my supplements and vitamins. The life blood of what I am doing. I now take everything twice a day (total of 51 pills, 6 sublinguals and 6 drops in water daily). Add in my Atlas Orthogonist, exercise (when I can), positive thinking and some meditation and there you have it.

I have to say I am in MUCH better condition then I was last August. I started my journal in January to keep a daily and weekly recap of everything going on with me and MS. It's interesting to review the 7 months and look at what has happened. I have had 21 "bad" days. These are days that I am in terrible shape for one reason or another (some MS, some not). I have had 61 "outstanding" days. These are days where I have felt exceptionally well. The rest of the days are all "average" days of feeling good and active. The "bad days are all weighted into the first 2 1/2 months. I have only had only 7 "bad" days since March 21st 2009. My program is working for me.

My eye is doing very well and only seems off when I am severely over tired. It appears this will be an ongoing issue for me. The fatigue I had originally has lessened since the introduction of the supplements. It's like night and day. I rarely need a daily nap as I did before. The rest of my body seems about the same except for one new issue.

On June 7th I started having some problems with my legs. The symptoms were soreness, aches and a sense of falling asleep in my feet. I gave it a week or so to see if it was just something physical from over doing or walking etc. The symptoms seem to come and go and increase from prolonged sitting in the same position. I went immediately to my chiro and got adjusted. Instant change and relief from my symptoms. My entire lower body felt tired and sore from relief for a couple of days. It appears at this point this is probably not MS related but I will be keeping a serious eye on it.

I learned of some new equipment when I was at my appointment with Dr. Meehan and thought I would pass it along. They now have the MRS2000 (Magnetic Resonance Stimulation) LINK 2, LINK 3). Here is a brief blurb about it.

Electromagnetic therapy applies magnetic fields–either static or pulsed. Low Pulsing Magnetic Fields (PEMF) are used instead because a constant magnetic field is unable to penetrate the whole body and also the body's cells soon become used to a constant magnetic field. The pulsating field can be optimized to the correct frequency of vibration to effects the whole system and its long term use has many benefits. With low pulsating electromagnetic fields the cells can not be damaged.

Today, magnetic therapy is well established worldwide. Japan has given official approval for the use of pulsed magnetic devices for healing. Over 1000 clinical studies world-wide document the effectiveness of Magnetic- Resonance- Stimulation. The German-made MRS 2000+ designo is the “next step” as well as the new benchmark in the field of pulsating magnetic therapy for home, medical or clinical use.

I am doing a bit of research on this and will most likely add this to my MS and overall health regime.

Well that's about it for now.
I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying life.

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